TO BE CONSIDERED AND ACTED UPON
                                                            by the
                            TOWN BOARD OF THE TOWN OF ELDORADO
                                                            at the
                       MONTHLY MEETING ON TUESDAY,  APRIL 25, 2017
                        7:30 P.M. AT THE ELDORADO COMMUNITY CENTER

  1.   Call meeting to order, Pledge of Allegiance
  2.   Approval of minutes from March meeting
  3.   Updates on sidewalk project in Eldorado, plan meeting for residents
  4.   Update on condition of Jim’s County Line Bar and pending renewal of liquor license
  5.   Appointment of Plan Commission members whose terms are expiring in April 2017:
       Bill Averbeck and Jenna Borski
  6.   Change monthly Town Board meeting night, currently fourth Tuesday.  Possible change
       to Monday or Wednesday evening
  7.   Road maintenance for 2017 – discussion on road work planned for summer  
  8.   Reports:
       a.  Plan Commission
       b.  Town Highway 
            Highway Patrolman
       c.  Fire Department
  9.   Public input and discussion
10.  Approve and pay monthly bills
11.  Adjourn meeting                                                                     
Lori Linger, Town Clerk