TO BE CONSIDERED AND ACTED UPON
                                                            by the
                            TOWN BOARD OF THE TOWN OF ELDORADO
                                                            at the
                         MONTHLY MEETING ON TUESDAY,  JULY 25, 2017
                       7:40 P.M. AT THE ELDORADO COMMUNITY CENTER

  1.  Call meeting to order, Pledge of Allegiance
  2.  Approval of minutes from June meeting
  3.  Renewal of Intergovernmental Agreement Re: Emergency Medical Services (NFDL
       Ambulance Service)
  4.  Road Access Control Ordinance amendment, specifically distance of concrete from
       road’s edge and prohibiting placement of concrete over culverts
  5.  Sidewalk project for Eldorado – updates and discussion
  6.  Resignation of Town Clerk
  7.  Cemetery ownership and future care
  8.  Discussion on holding another meeting for farmers, concerning road usage
  9.  Changing meeting date for August Monthly Town Board Meeting
10.  Reports:
       a.  Plan Commission
       b.  Town Highway 
       c.  Fire Department
11.  Public input and discussion
12.  Approve and pay monthly bills
13.  Adjourn meeting                                                                     
Lori Linger, Town Clerk